Facilitation, Coaching and Transformation

ForthRoad is a small company which operates at the highest level of our corporate, public and voluntary sector clients. Our style is informal but thoroughly professional and based on strong relationships.

Over the last twenty years, working hands-on with teams faced with new challenges has become the cornerstone of ForthRoad’s consultancy services. Our expertise in supporting leaders and extended teams through consultancy, facilitation, group work and individual coaching has delivered projects and business results for clients across the globe. We work across a range of industries and markets from blue chip oil and gas companies, national and local authorities, to small independent charities.

Our work focuses on the implementation of strategy. Planning this with board members and senior teams; developing communication approaches to key stakeholders and using our proven tools and techniques to engage and enrol teams and functions across entire organisations and their stakeholders; monitoring and checking process on the journey towards delivering business results.

Our core team is informed by the thinking of close associates including Jim Ewing and Max Boisot. Our experience of working with Jim’s change management tools is unique and their reputation is world class. Max’s work as an academic complemented his consulting practice, and his leading edge of thinking in the fields of strategy, knowledge management and learning continues to inform our approach. Our extended team includes specialist filmmakers, cartoonists and artists.

ForthRoad’s expertise has been applied to issues and situations in private and public sectors across the globe. Teams have been created and re-invented, barriers broken, organisational energy harnessed, journeys planned, momentum enhanced and performance impacted. Delivering tangible, financial results and significant business improvements is only one part of what ForthRoad is about. Experimenting and learning is as important to us as it is to our clients. Through our membership of the International Futures Forum and our work on 21st century competencies we have regular contact with some remarkable minds and access to leading edge thinking which leads us into work which is as interesting as it is intellectually rewarding.

At ForthRoad we pride ourselves on innovative approaches dedicated to producing real results. We maintain the highest standards in preparing, executing and following up our work, enjoying every aspect of our work. If you would like to work with us, please get in touch.

Company Registration Number: SC270433
The Boathouse, Silversands, Hawkcraig Road, Aberdour, Fife, KY3 0TZ